HOBOT was founded in June 2010, by George Chao, who had a vision of changing the way people clean their homes. Exhausted from cleaning large glass windows, George wanted to build a cleaning robot that could free human hands from tedious chores. As a Laserdisc expert who had led a team to design Taiwan’s first CD-RW player and recorder, George put his experience and knowledge into practice and successfully leads HOBOT team to bring great innovations to the market.
Currently, HOBOT has around 10 active models on the market, including the HOBOT Window Cleaning Robots that come in both round and square type, and the LEGEE Vacuum Mop 4-in-1 Robots. With innovative design concepts and cutting-edge technologies, HOBOT products have gained attention from customers overseas and the company has now expanded its global footprint to more than 30 countries.